Our photo shoot should be a fun experience.

If I can get you to forget about the camera, take away that nervous, self-conscious feeling, you will show a bit of yourself through the camera and we will tell a great story together. My style is more journalistic and I really enjoy capturing special moments that often get overlooked.

The act of capturing and preserving those memories should not feel like a chore nor should it overshadow your day. It should simply be happening in the background, with you feeling comfortable the key moments are being captured.

Engagement shoot in South Boston and at Castle Island.

Getting Started

We’ll start off by getting to know each other and getting a feel for your vision for the special event. We’ll meet on the phone or Skype, in person, and again close to the date to go over everything and we’ve talked about so there are no questions left on your wedding day, engagement or family session. By the time we get to your photo shoot, I should be like an old friend and you feel complete trust and confidence that I have your back.

Waterville Valley Wedding Photography


For engagement and family portrait sessions, I always suggest a location or venue that has meaning to you. When you look back at photos in 10 years, you want to feel a connection, that there is a bigger story. Still having a hard time deciding where to do it? Answer this: picture your session as a day in the life. Where would you go if you spontaneously had Wednesday off?

The photographer/client relationship is vital to a beautiful set of images that capture not only the day, but the mood and the atmosphere.

Maine Wedding Photographer

Your Venue

I may or may not have worked with your venue before. I fly to destinations all the time and shoot at venues for the first time. I love shooting new places because I come in with fresh perspective. The fun part for me is creating something out of a venue you picked because you love it and it means something to you. You can get the guy that shoots there every Saturday but you won’t get anything new. You’ll get what he knows and what is easiest.

We’ll have met a few times prior to the session and I’ll have toured the venue. By the time we get to work, you will know I can go into a space and see the possibility.

Marblehead wedding photographer

A Team of One

I don’t work with an assistant, it’s just me, working fast and efficiently to get what we are looking for. An assistant simply doesn’t have the skills I require and I can certainly get a second photographer if the job requires it, for a price. Through our discussions and meetings, I am going to have a clear idea of what you want. I will be focused and in my zone getting exactly that for you on the day we begin photographing.

“I was a little nervous when he explained that he does not work with an assistant, but those fears were completely gone when I saw him in action.  He's so efficient!  And fast!  He was everywhere we needed him to be...he caught EVERYTHING.  Even when I unexpectedly ran into my parents prior to the ceremony, and my mom and I immediately started to tear up...BOOM, he was there to catch the moment.” 

Beth Graeff, Client

Google Reviews

Jenny Reinzo
Jenny Reinzo
17:15 01 Feb 18
My *husband*, Mike, and I got married this past summer and were lucky to have found Nate to photograph our special occasion. From the moment we met him until the photographs were delivered to our home, it was a seamless process. Not only did Nate capture the very essence of who we are as a couple, but also who we are as a brother, a daughter, a sister, a son, and a friend. In an instant he caught moments on camera that, looking at the photo later we felt as though we were back there that day… hearing the music, smelling the mountain air, feeling the love and support of all our of our closest family and friends surrounding us. 6 months later I am still looking at the photos in awe, every time noticing something I didn’t before, every time more impressed than the last. Nate has an innate ability to see the artful lines and natural beauty in each frame. He gently guided us where we needed guidance, obliged when we had requests, and was stealthy as a ninja when he needed to go unnoticed. On a personal note, Nate was friendly, accommodating, attentive, easy-going, and an absolute pleasure to be around. The photographs are evidence of our ease! Besides choosing each other, Nate was the best choice we made for our wedding day and we would choose him over, again and again.
Lindsey Tosches
Lindsey Tosches
22:18 30 Nov 17
We met Nate at a friend's wedding a couple of years ago. He was so relaxed and easy to talk to. When my husband and I get engaged, he was our first phone call! Nate's laid back but attentive style really worked for us. Meeting with him before the wedding was really helpful and he took the time to check out our photo sites with us. He was able to capture some amazing moments for us! The images were spectacular and he really thought about the settings and how best to use the natural surroundings. Thanks Nate!
Gary Raymond & Joe Taveira
Gary Raymond & Joe Taveira
03:52 08 Nov 17
Many thanks to Nate Photography for Nate's hard work and talent which made our very special day even better!
Michael Collins
Michael Collins
01:36 04 Oct 17
It goes without saying that Nate's photographs are beautiful, well-composed, and full of emotion. Just take a look! For us, there was so much more to having Nate capture our wedding. First, from day one he was extremely communicative and we could always get ahold of him whenever we had questions. We met with him in person a ways before the day to discuss the layout of the venue, the timing and what sort of overall style we were going for. He was super thoughtful and had great suggestions for us. On the day of, Nate's lightheartedness took away the awkwardness that can come along with posed photos and he made it fun for my wife and I, as well as our families even amidst the chaos of the wedding day. We chose to do a first look and posed shots with family before the ceremony which worked out great. It left us free to do our thing after the ceremony and Nate free to capture the celebration from beginning to end. He got some really creative posed and candid shots and we've loved sharing them with family and friends. Our photos are more than just a documentation that the wedding happened, they are proof that it was a celebration! We could not recommend Nate enough for any event you're having. He can go beyond the event itself to really get to the emotion behind it. Thanks Nate!
Kristin Mackie
Kristin Mackie
13:38 07 Sep 17
Nate's work is absolutely exceptional!! We met him back in January while he was photographing a friends wedding. Even before I saw their prints, I knew that we needed Nate at our wedding and all future events 🙂 His pictures are absolutely breathtaking and more importantly, he makes you feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. As a bride, I have to say, Nate became one my favorite wedding guests! We truly look forward to having him capture the next big event in our lives. Enjoy!!
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