At the end of the shoot, you’ll think, “We’re done? How did we do all that?"

I started out as a carpenter. With carpentry I often found myself feeling unfulfilled as I would put all my energy into making something that I was proud of and then ultimately would have to walk away from it forever. Photography, I discovered, is a wonderful outlet where I am able to express myself creatively and visually build things without having to let go of them.

Nate Photography

When my clients are able to forget what we are doing, forget about the camera, forget that I’m there - I am able to capture things how they happen.

At the end of the shoot, you’ll think, “We’re done? How did we do all that? How is that me in those photos?” “You’ve captured moments I didn’t even know were there.” That kind of feedback feeds my passion for this work.

Woodworking and Custom Birdhouses

Woodworking and Custom Birdhouses

I try to spend time in my woodworking studio every day building and creating something. A lot of the time, I make things I like and post it to Instagram. You can also find my work here on my Etsy page. If you are inspired by anything you see, let me know. I like making things you like too.

Fontes-Fried Family

Personal Pursuits

What fires me up is connecting with couples and families who have a true appreciation for photography. We only have so much time on this earth and we should all enjoy what we are doing and who we are doing business with. I love to bring out the best in people and show them moments they didn’t know existed.


My wife Daniela and I welcomed Ethan into this world in early 2018.

He and our dog Calvin keep us pretty busy. When I’m not taking photos for clients, I’m usually spending time with them walking (or, in Calvin’s case: running) on the beach or in the woods in our neighborhood.


Being in nature, fishing, hiking and playing with my family recharge me and allow you to get the best out of me.

So that I can get the best out of our time together. My personal pursuits gallery contains images of things I’ve made and from my daily excursions into the natural world.