Kevin & O.P.’s Summer Camp Wedding

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Kevin and O.P. as they were married at Camp Lenox in Lee, Massachusetts.

Kevin helps his groom into traditional Norwegian wedding garb before their wedding ceremony.

Dr. Ole-Petter Riksford Hamnvik & Dr. Kevin Lee Ard

O.P.’s Norwegian wedding attire worn for the wedding ceremony. He later changed into a Ralph Lauren suit for the reception.

Kevin wore a J-Crew suit

Modern meets traditional…end result = fantastic!

Bagpiper John McIntyre played as they made their way down the isle.

Beautiful lake view at Camp Lenox

Kevin and O.P make their way back down the isle, this time as a married couple!

camp provided great lighting to capture some heart-felt moments between Kevin & O.P.

We had a lot of fun shooting around the camp & dock before the newlyweds made their way to the reception.

Camp Lenox lent a lot of picturesque moments like the one below – couldn’t have asked for more of a perfect day.

The newlyweds decided to make a grand entrance & surprise their guests by arriving to the cocktail reception by canoe.

The grand entrance did the trick – guests loved it!

In true camp fashion, dinner was held in Camp Lenox’ mess hall.

 Kevin & O.P. enjoyed their evening listening to close family & friends toast to their day.

Cheers to newlyweds! Hope you had a fantastic time honeymooning in the Adirondacks!



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