Tegan and Toph, engagement on Martha’s Vineyard

This weekend I joined Tegan and Toph on a quick trip to Martha’s Vineyard to visit Tegan’s grandparents in Chillmark and shoot some engagement photos.

I knew it was going to be a good trip, they were ready for photos on the ferry to the Vineyard…..as soon as the Bruins game was over that is.

The weather was on our side the whole time. How strange to have these temperatures in January, we weren’t complaining.

The property around Tegan’s grandparents house was natural and beautiful. We headed out to the dock after breakfast for a few shots before heading to “The Camp”, an old duck hunting camp built in the 1920s on what is called Long Point, or Thumb Pond.

These guys cracked me up. They have been together for 6 years and  seem to be always having fun.

After breakfast and a few shots down on the docks, we headed out to “The Camp”, an old duck hunting camp built in the 1920s on Thumb Pond in West Tisbury.

Toph proposed to Tegan just beyond the rocks they are standing on one afternoon as she sat in an inner tube scrubbing oysters.

It was a nice time of year to be out there,  a refreshing break from city life.

I had a blast working with them and can’t wait until the wedding out there this September.

Congratulations Teg and Toph!



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