Winter project-bird houses

Along with lots of exciting shoots this winter, sledding and taking full advantage of all the excess snow, I have been passing the time building dozens of birdhouses.

I am not sure exactly where the idea came from. My intention was to make no two the same, and to try to come up with my own designs.

Although I was happy with what I was coming up with, I thought it might be more fun and challenging (and cheaper!) to begin making them from found objects and things I had sitting around the house.

I should mention that I  have a large collection of driftwood from local beaches.

I found that this allowed for me to be much more creative and make what I feel has a less generic look.

I had lots of old boxes that I had picked up at the South End Market over the years.

Since we are moving soon and I wasn’t going to be able to bring them along, I decided to start breaking them down and turning them in to something useful.

Most of them have lids that are able to open for cleaning.

Along with the houses, I have also started making some bird feeders.

Here are some of my personal favorites.

The only thing now is, what am I going to do with all of these.

I am welcoming all suggestions.

Thanks for taking a look.



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eileen simmons

Love the birdhouses and feeders – I want some for my deck – they would sell in a minute down here!

Donna Baumgartner

I would buy one or two. Love love birds.

Hi Donna,
We had a great time photographing the wedding! Photos coming soon.
I have been mailing the birdhouses to people all over the country if you are interested. You could ask Sarah come by and pick them out.
Let me know 🙂




Today is the first time I’ve walked into JP Licks in several months where I was absolutely IN LOVE with the art work they had on display!! Your creativity and artwork is absolutely stunning! I would love to inquire about pricing on one of your pieces. If you could reach out to me via my email raykayle@gmail.com, that would be wonderful!

Thank you!


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